Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription


Pharmacologyx is a technology solutions and services provider located at Reading, United Kingdom, with accurate, reliable, HIPAA/NPP compliant voice-to-text medical transcription services to national organizations, medical professionals who work in the GP surgeries, NHS and private sector and physicians all around the world. Our team of transcriptionists is competent with full knowledge of the expectations regarding accuracy, TAT with relevant years of experience. Our transcription quality is at par with MTSOs from US/UK/Australia.

We are a full-service medical transcription company, covering every specialty. We always maintain patient confidentiality through HIPAA and National Privacy legislation (NPP) compliance and are committed to providing you with excellent quality at a very competitive rate.

Our vision is to become the premier provider of transcription services through building long-term relationships with the medical fraternity around the globe. We will do this by providing quality service, flexible turnaround, professional service and exceptional value for money. All our Medical Transcriptionists and employees have received appropriate training in HIPAA and NPP involving security and privacy of Patient Health Information or in the company’s policies and procedures regarding safeguarding the Patient Health Information. Encryption of e-mail and attachments containing Patient Health Information will be used. All voice files and transcribed documents are all encrypted upon transferring and are automatically decrypted upon reaching the right addressee. Disaster Recovery/Backup Planning Precautions will be taken for equipment failure and adverse environment conditions such as power outages. All text editing applications have auto backup features and are set to a frequency of 1-2 min. All computers are wired and connected to its own UPS to ensure that important documents will be saved during power outage. We have three different Internet connectivity (Primary, Secondary and Back-up). We are firewall enabled which blocks certain websites that can affect the system.

We provide exceptional service and the most up-to-date technology available to clinics and hospitals across the world with the highest quality transcription services at the fairest price. We always lend our ears to our clients to develop a strong understanding of their unique needs, and strive to meet those needs exactly. We strive to exceed our clients‟ expectations in our work as well as customer service.

Pharmacologyx is dedicated for providing the healthcare community the highest level of quality transcription service and is proud to uphold this integrity. Through a national network of experienced medical language specialists and supervisors, we are confident that our clients are protected by precise, accurate documentation. Pharmacologyx assures ongoing excellence by our commitment to continuing education, confidentiality and unwavering HIPAA and NPP compliance as demanded by our industry.

Why Pharmacologyx?

Pharmacologyx offers high value and unmatched services to clients by promising Accurate, Affordable, Speed and Secure. Our well experienced Transcriptionist, Quality Analysts and Editors are professionally well trained, highly motivated and knowledgeable with AAMT Rules & Medical Terminology. They undergo rigorous training that enhances their skills. Our Transcriptionists have excellent research skills and they are subject matter experts in their domain, producing high-quality transcripts. Also we customize our delivery time to the client’s requirement and we could also do rush deliveries with no compromise in accuracy.

We maintain strict adherence to AAMT rules and Clients Specifications with complete confidentiality of their records. Our transcribed reports are proofread by the finest people to ensure quality. We work in different time zone to ensure timely service to our customers. Our commitment is to continue to deliver accurate reports on time and develop fruitful relations based on professionalism and trust.

Our clients include: Family practice, Pulmonologists, Neurologists, General Medicine, Rehab and Orthotics, Oncology, psychiatry, gastroenterologists and more healthcare departments. We provide accurate transcription services for medical communication, from SOAP or follow-up notes, diagnostic procedure notes, letters to referring physicians, complete history and physical, insurance related correspondence. We send finished reports via secure FTP (file transfer protocol), secure Internet site, HIPAA/NPP compliant online softwares. We are ethical in our working relationships, procedures and practices and are fully HIPAA and NPP compliant. Our commitment to a three-tier QA process enables us to monitor and ensure quality assurance based on the AAMT guidelines and client specific requirements.


Pharmacologyx offers premium transcripts in collaboration with proficient transcriptionists and with the unique 3-tiered check model. The file undergoes three levels of check with the transcriptionist working on the file twice and the quality analyst analyzing the file. Pharmacologyx has implemented this feature effectively to ensure that all transcripts are delivered with an accuracy of over 99% and the turnaround time is 12 hours for standard transcription service.


Pharmacologyx offers competitive prices because we have the perfect balance of automation and manual intervention that makes us one of the most affordable transcription services. This ensures that we map the most relevant Transcriptionists to an audio and employ sufficient resources with minimum cost for highly accurate service delivery. We also have flexible pricing model that depends on the volume of assignment and deadline.


Our experience in transcription services and commitment toward 100% client satisfaction has driven us to devise a range of TATs to provide maximum benefits to our clients.


Pharmacologyx entrusted to us. The data is secured in our server accessible only by authorized personnel who receive login ID‟s. This server is loaded with firewalls and antivirus software thereby ensuring no access even by force. Additionally Pharmacologyx offers a protection cover to sensitive data of our clients.

Reliability, Discipline, and Control

Due to an increasing demand for documentation of medical history records in the US/UK, we are currently focused on medical transcription with a policy that strictly adheres to HIPAA regulations and the security and confidentiality of our client’s data. Discipline and control are the cornerstones of our production process. All of our production employees, including transcriptionists, are located within our controlled environment. Both production facilities are strictly monitored by a biometrically controlled security system. In addition, all employees are bound by a confidentiality agreement. Controlled behavior and teamwork are emphasized along each stage of the transcription process. Strict adherence to a code of conduct and high ethical standards are basic premises for each employee. Transcriptionists operate within a teamwork approach to emphasize the performance of the group rather than on individual efforts. This structure and reliability is not attainable in other MTSO’s.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Protecting privacy and the confidentiality of patient information is a basic tenet at Pharmacologyx. We strongly adhere to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) guidelines and regulations to assure the security and confidentiality of all our transactions. We also implement additional internal security measures such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to safeguard our exchange of information.


Transcription Services:

Doctor’s dictations are captured using various recording devices and transformed to electronic format and are stored on our secured web server. Once we receive your dictation in any format, we then transcribe dictations to document files. We then send the transcribed reports in the TAT specified by the Doctor through:
a) Electronic Mail attachment, which is secured with your password
b) Uploading of reports on the server / FTP

Dictations received from the Doctor are further transcribed and converted into Word documents based on the date of dictation. Also all the transcribed reports would be available on our server for download.

We have expertise in Chart Notes, Operative & Procedure Notes, Discharge & Admission Summaries, Letters, Clinic Notes, Progress Notes, EEG/EMG Reports, Consultation Reports etc. of various specialties like Internal Medicine, Neurology, Radiology, Cardiology, Pulmonology, Rheumatology, Psychiatry, Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology, Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery, Urology, Orthopedics, Gynecology, Pediatrics, Radiology, Pathology, Physical Rehabilitation etc.

Quality & Security:

Our quality checking level includes of Quality Controllers and Editors. To ensure utmost quality work, we have three levels of quality checking which includes.
• Medical Spell-checks
• Drugs
• Punctuation as per AAMT guidelines
• Overall Report Formatting
• Blanks & Flags left in report

Features & Benefits:

The benefit of outsourcing transcription to Pharmacologyx is that your work is done by some of the finest “ears” in the industry. The advantage of providing transcription services to us helps your staff to offer your patients the best possible care further reducing your overheads by reduction in staff and administrative expenses. We at Pharmacologyx are committed and provide our clients the best quality. Just to ensure that our quality exceeds your expectations, we allocate each account to a devoted Transcriptionist, Quality Controller and further to an Editor. All work performed by our highly skilled and experienced transcriptionists is reviewed, proofread, and verified using the most up-to-date medical resources to make sure its accuracy. We realize the importance of high quality and timely service to all our clients. Hence we operate 24/7 at Pharmacologyx, we constantly update our transcription process with the latest development in technology. Utilizing the most advanced technology, our physicians can manage their transcription flow in the most efficient and cost effective manner. If quality and TAT are the major concerns on your head right now, then Pharmacologyx is the right stop for you. We sincerely take the responsibility of quality and TAT, which is one of our prime deliverables. A trial period of one week can be benefited by our clients.

Security Features:

• Network Redundancy
• VPN Integration
• SSL 128bit Secure Encryption
• Secure FTP Servers
• Redundant Backups and Networks
• Firewalled Servers
• HIPAA-compliance & password protected access
• Video Surveillance & Biometric Security

Product Benefits:

• Integrity – We exercise honesty, candour, and sincerity.

• Client Focus – We place clients at the center of our activities and they drive all that we do.

• Accountability – We are transparent, responsible and answerable.

• Respect – We treat our clients with dignity and value – understanding diverse client needs, adding value, building trust and commitments that endure.

• Excellence – We continually strive for excellence in execution, service and delivering relevant client solutions.

• Confidentiality – Every process are maintained by HIPAA and NPP compliance as demanded by our industry.

Customer Service / Technical Support

We also offer 24/7 customer support so you can contact us anytime you need help with work process, technical issues and special requests. Our technical support experts and customer service representatives are here to answer your questions.

To further discuss your medical transcription requirements or for more information, please provide your contact details as well as what services you are interested in, and we’ll respond to set up a consultation.